William's Picks
Horrible Histories - My Top Five
All these books have cartoons and gross facts about history. They are funny too!

Angry Aztecs by Terry Deary

My No. 1

Angry Aztecs talks about the gods of the Aztecs and it is my favourite beacuse the stories were the most interesting and funny.

The Aztecs believed in a Sun God and believed they had  to sacrifice animals and even humans to keep the sun in the sky.

Incredible Incas by Terry Deary

My No.2

The Incas also worshipped the Sun God. 

Lots of great info.

Awesome Egyptians by Terry Deary & Peter Hepplewhite
My No.3

Lots of "awesome" stories about mummies and the Egyptians.

By Terry Deary
My No.4

Read about the Trojan war and more.
Blitzed Brits by Terry Deary
My No 5.

This is a book about Britain and it contains lots of interesting facts.

Did you know Britain was ready for a gas attack in World War 2 but Hitler decided not to fire gas bombs on Britain. Maybe because he spied the Brits wearing gas masks...