William's Picks
Charlie Small Books - Gorilla City 
I started to read this book but I didn't enjoy - it nothing really happens (yawn).
Secret Agent Jack Stalwart Books - The Caper of the Crown Jewels By Elizabeth Singer Hunt
I haven't read the book in a long time.

But its a easy book and its good for kids who like spy books.
Stink and the Ultimate Thumb-Wrestling Smackdown by Megan McDonald
This book is about thumb wrestling.

When stink is trying to find a sport he find BABABA


its a pretty good book and i think readers will enjoy it if they like the other Stink books.
Alec Flint Mystery Books - The Nina, the Pinta and the Vanishing treasure by Jill Santopolo
This book is about a boy who solves mysteries.

Pretty good more in the series.

Liked it.